Create Master Slides

In this exercise you will create a presentation and design your own master slides. You will create a presentation with 2 custom master slides.


  1. Open the create-master-slide-start.odp presentation file. You will work in this file.
  2. Edit the default master slide
  3. Change slide background color
  4. Format the title area. Background color, font style and color.
  5. Format the object area. Change bullet style
  6. Header and footer. Insert date, company info and page numbering. Format font style and color.
  7. Insert and position somewhere in the slide a company logo graphic. You can use the attached file sample-logo.png, a graphic from the Gallery. An example of a master slide is shown in the image below.

  1. Create a second master slide. Change at least the slide background color. Optionally format other properties.
  2. Apply the second master slide to  at least one slide.
  3. Save your file and submit.