Business Invoice

In this exercise you are going to create an invoice system for a small business. When a client makes a purchase the business employee types for each item the price and the quantity. The spreadsheet then calculates the subtotal for each item, adds the tax and shipping costs and finally calculates the invoice total.


1. Open the file calc-business-invoice-start.ods. You will work on this document.

2. Calculate the Totals for each Item.

Item Total = Quantity * Unit Price * (1 - Discount)

3. Calculate the Invoice Subtotal.

Invoice Subtotal = Sum of all Item Totals

4. Calculate the Tax.

Tax = Tax Rate * Invoice Subtotal

5. Calculate the Invoice Total.

Invoice Total = Invoice Subtotal + Tax + Shipping - Deposit

6. Format the appearance of the Spreadsheet.

  • Format the data into cells using number, currency, percent and date formatting.
  • Resize columns and rows
  • Change font style, size and color
  • Apply background colors and borders

7. Save your file and submit