Create a Chart

In this exercise you will create charts using data from a spreadsheet. The data represent sales from a retail clothing company.


1. Open the file calc-graph-exercise-start.ods. You will work in this document. The spreadsheet contains a data table to use for creating the required charts. All the charts will be inserted on the same sheet.

2. Create a Bar Chart including all the data. Use the 3D option and put the title "Sales 2017".

3. Create a Pie chart. The chart must contain only the Jackets Data Series. Therefore in Step 3 of the Chart Wizard you must remove the other data series. After inserting the chart use the Insert Data Labels command to insert the values in the chart (right click in the chart while in chart edit mode). Type the title "Jacket Sales 2017".

4. Create a Line Chart with Points and Lines including all the data. Position the Legend on Top. Insert the title "Sales 2017".

5. Save your file and submit.