Submodule 11.2: It's your time!

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Book: Submodule 11.2: It's your time!
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Date: Saturday, 12 June 2021, 8:45 PM


It's your time!

The basic "menu" file

As you may have noticed, the "Menu" is inactive. It's time to work with it by creating your own composition.

If you want, you can also change its name to something that will be more suitable for your design!

Generate the corresponding HTML file and create a navigational bar-jumbotron - breadcrumb -main area and footer.

Update all links to all HTML files.

Your page should be similar to the image below:

Do a Git commit with the message "Basic Menu file".  

Enhanching your "menu" file

Now you are ready to start adding your own content!

You can use the Bootstrap classes that we have already learned or experiment with new ones.

  • Here you can find some ideas

After completing your work, Do a Git commit with the message "YourName menu file".

Enhanching your site

It's time to check the overall functionality of your site, and do any improvements you may need.

It would be nice to replace at least Vasilis Wilson with your own picture and/or description.

We are now ready to deploy our site and upload it to our server!!

Do a Git commit with the message "YourName final site".