Chapter 9.1 - Let’s play a tune

Edison’s little piezo transducer (speaker) can produce a range of musical notes. These are easily programmed from the play music icon. Get started by creating the program below.

The tune string in the first play music icon is: c7c7g7R7f2e2d2o7o7g7R7f3e3d3o7o7

The tune string in the second play music icon is: g7R7f3e3f3d7d7

How the program works
The play music icon contains a tune string (more on that below) and the event wait icon waits until the tune is finished. The next play music icon and event wait do the same. There are two sets of icons because a single play music icon will not fit the entire tune.
Can you guess what the tune is?
A tune string looks like this: "ndndndndndnd..." where ‘n’ is a note from the following table, and ‘d’ is the note time from 0 to 7 in 20th of a second increments. There is a limit of 16 pairs per play music icon.