The 'Glow' circuit assembly

Assemble a simple, pre-made circuit with light that you can incorporate into your 3D designs.

5. Add the LED & Glow!

Picture of Add the LED & Glow!

Insert the LED from the top, making sure that the longer (positive) leg lines up with the “+” indicator on the holder.

Gently push the LED all the way in until the bottom of the plastic 'bulb' sits flush with the top of the holder.

Your LED should now light up!

If it is not lighting up, try flipping it around. Make sure that your battery and LED are inserted in the correct direction aligned with the “+” on the holder.

To turn off your glow assembly, remove the LED.

Picture of Add the LED & Glow!

Material and images adapted from the Build the Glow Circuit Assembly Instructable authored by Tinkercad.