The 'Move' circuit assembly

Assemble a simple, pre-made circuit with vibration that you can incorporate into your 3D designs.

6. Add the slideswitch

Press the switch into place from the opposite side of the module, so the pins face in towards the wires and battery.

Picture of Add Your Slideswitch

Press down on the battery when inserting the switch to ensure the battery is underneath the bottom switch pin.

If it's not touching, use your finger to press and bend the pin down until it is. If using your fingers didn't create enough of a bend to make contact, gently pull the switch back out and use the needle-nose pliers to bend it down even further. Repeat until you have a solid connection between the bottom pin and the battery.

Picture of Add Your Slideswitch

Before wiring the motor up to the switch, you can test your blue wire connection to the battery by touching the red wire to the positive (+), or top, side of the battery. The vibration motor should turn on! If it doesn't, remove the switch and tape the motor's blue wire end to the negative (-) underside of the battery like suggested in the previous step. Replace the switch and continue creating your circuit.