Efficient Solutions for Researchers in Studying Immune Therapeutics

Efficient Solutions for Researchers in Studying Immune Therapeutics

by Sherwin Brown -
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Therapeutics that block inhibitory checkpoints or activate stimulatory checkpoints have proven to be effective in restoring anti-tumor immune responses and treating cancer in recent years. In particular, the FDA-approved drugs targeting immune checkpoints like cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen (CTLA-4), programmed cell death (PD-1), and its ligand (PD-L1) to treat various types of cancers have revolutionized the field of oncology.


With immune checkpoint inhibitors having been intensely deployed as novel immunotherapy agents to treat cancer, immune checkpoint assays are beneficial and highly needed to understand the mechanism of immune checkpoint blockade therapy and effectively accelerate cancer immunotherapy development.


The immune checkpoint assays listed below can fulfill a variety of immune checkpoint assay requirements.

* Immune checkpoint binding and interaction assays

It can provide an initial characterization of your immune checkpoint inhibitor candidates.

* Immune checkpoint functional assays

Functional assays can be used to test the immuno-modulatory activities of checkpoint inhibitors, such as the T cell proliferation assay, cytokine production assay, and T cell cytotoxicity assay.

* Immune checkpoint potency and stability assays

Testing for potency and stability is required to guarantee the reliability, effectiveness, and security of biopharmaceutical products.


In addition, the immune checkpoint protein has received increasing attention due to its essential role in the immune system. To create more potent cancer treatments, biotin labeling and immune checkpoint cell line development services are essential for researchers to further study immune checkpoint therapy and make their assay development much easier.


Many international CRO companies are working hard to offer a variety of useful biotin-labeled immune checkpoint products to support research on immune checkpoints, as did Creative Biolabs. Having optimized the technical pipelines for custom immune checkpoint protein labeling, they can provide a comprehensive set of immune checkpoint protein biotin labeling services to meet researchers' needs, such as an immune checkpoint protein biotin labeling service and an immune checkpoint protein fluorescence labeling service.


Furthermore, immune checkpoint stable cell lines can also largely facilitate the research of anti-tumor immunity, which can be applied to manufacturing checkpoint antibodies, drug screening, and pharmacological and toxicological studies. If you want to get some support from CRO companies to accelerate your immune therapeutic research, you must pay attention to the development technologies they use to generate stable cell line products, for cutting-edge development technologies can have a direct impact on the performance and quality of stable cell line products for the development of immune checkpoint drugs.


Creative Biolabs, a global biotechnology company with years of experience in assisting customers in the development of immune checkpoint inhibitors, owns mature and advanced technologies for assays and cell line development and is dedicated to developing and upgrading a comprehensive set of immune checkpoint-based therapy development services to accelerate the advancement of innovative immune therapeutics.