LibreOffice Start Center is the document management system for the office suite. It ties the six different applications and different types of documents together. You see the Start Center when no document is open in LibreOffice.

Use the Start Center to:

  • Create new or open existing documents
  • View all the recently opened documents
  • Create new documents using the available templates.
  • Manage LibreOffice Extensions
  • Edit general LibreOffice Options
  • Open LibreOffice Help

Start Center main window

The Start Center window is divided into two panes. Click an icon on the left pane to open a document or create a new one. The document icons each open a new document of the specified type. The right pane contains thumbnails of the most recent documents you opened. Click on the thumbnail to open the document.

LibreOffice Start Center

Last modified: Saturday, 17 February 2018, 2:23 PM