Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Numbered and bulleted lists can be used in a document to keep related items together, show the level of importance and outline text. Text is more readable in  list format.

Numbered lists work best when the order or sequence is important. Bulleted lists work best when the order doesn’t matter, but items in the list are related.

Creating lists

To create a list in Writer all items must be paragraphs separated with a new line character. To create a list:

  1. Select all list items
  2. Click the Bulleted or Numbered  List button on the Formatting Toolbar.
Bulleted list.
Numbered list.

To remove bullets or numbering select the list items and click again on the Bullets or Numbering button to disable the list formatting.

Format bullets or numbers

To change format of the bullets or numbers in a list:

  1. Select first all list items and click the arrow on the Bulleted or Numbered list icon .
  2. In the drop-down panel choose the new format for bullets or numbers:
Bulleted list format
Numbered list format

Bullets and Numbering dialog window

For more option click More Bullets... or More Numbering... option to open the Bullets and Numbering Dialog window. In the Image tab you can set an icon for the bullets or add an image from your computer.

Bullets and Numbering toolbar

With the Bullets and Numbering toolbar you can perform more advanced commands such as nested lists, move list items and others. The toolbar appears on the bottom every time you click on a list. You can also display the toolbar from the View > Toolbars menu item.

Nested lists

List items can be promoted one or more levels creating this way hierarchical or nested lists. Use the Promote and Demote buttons to increase or decrease the level of a list item or items. The Promote and Demote with subpoints command changes the level of the selected item including all nested items (subpoints).

Moving list items

You can easily move list items using the Up and Down arrows on the Toolbar. The Move with subpoints command moves a list item including all nested items (subpoints).

Inserting unnumbered or unbulleted text

Sometimes we need to insert text in a list without the bullets or numbers. Click first on a list item and then click on the icon to insert a line with no list formatting. An alternative way to achieve this is to insert a Line Break character using the CTRL + ENTER key combination.

Restarting list numbering

Sometimes the numbering continues to the next list like the image below. If this is not the desired behavior you can restart the numbering using the  icon on the Bullets and Numbering toolbar.

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