• General guides & troubleshooting

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  • What is 3D Printing? The definitive guide to additive manufacturing

  • In this guide you’ll find everything you need to know about 3D printing, starting with the very basics to post-processing techniques.


  • Simplify3D Print Quality Guide

  • This guide is a great place to start if you are trying to improve the quality of your 3D printed parts. S3D has compiled an extensive list of the most common 3D printing issues along with the software settings that you can use to solve them. Best of all, the guide uses a large collection of real-world images to make each issue easy to identify when examining your own 3D printed parts.


  • Ultimaker 3D Prints Troubleshooting Guide

  • This guide shows all kinds of ugly prints and explains what may have caused them, which can either be hardware, software or material related.


  • MatterHackers Visual Troubleshooting Guide

  • A similar guide to help you identify and solve the most common issues that may occur while 3D printing.

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