Find software alternatives

LibreOffice is a free and open source software that you can use at no cost. Did you know that there are many more free and open source software available that you can use as alternatives to expensive commercial software?

In this activity you will explore alternatives to well known commercial software.

Step 1

Visit the website alternativeTo. This website helps you to find good software based on user recommendations. You simply type what application you want to replace and it gives you great alternatives.

Step 2

Type in the search bar a proprietary or commercial software that you want to replace with a free and/or open source alternative. For example look for Adobe Photoshop alternatives.

Step 3

Use the filter to show only free software

Step 4

Explore the software alternatives. Did you find any good alternative that you can download and use in your computer? Write a short text response with

  • The software you wanted to replace
  • The free alternative you found
  • Why you think it's a good alternative?

For example

I want to replace the X software with a free or open source alternative. After searching i found the Y software which is open source. I thing Y it's a good alternative because this and that.


When you finish submit your answer to the special forum Software suggestions in this unit. Click on the Reply link ant type your answer.