Drawing Objects - Exercise

Practice your skills using text boxes and basic drawing objects with Writer. The goal of this exercise is to create a simple page describing the basic parts of a motherboard, like in the image below.


Open the file textbox-drawing-exercise-start.odt. You will work in this document.

Open the file textbox-drawing-exercise-solution.pdf to use as a guide.


Insert, resize and position the image textbox-drawing-exercise-motherboard.jpg

Text Boxes

There is already one text box with the text AGP. Click on it to see the boundaries of the text box object.

Format the text box with a background color. Format the text inside, increase font size, align center. Resize the text box as required.

When you finish with the first text box copy and paste the object to create the remaining text boxes.

Change the text in the remaining text boxes

Position the objects.


Create the lines using the line tool. Before using the tool set the line width and color. You can move resize the lines as with any drawing object.

Save your file and submit.