Writer Final Project - Create a Student Report

In this assignment you are going to practice all of your skills in using LibreOffice Writer. Your goal is to make a student report document like the ones students in schools and universities produce for class assignments.


Open and view the student-report-solution.pdf file to see the final document. Your goal is to create a document similar to this. It does not have to be the same, you can style it however you like. However you must demonstrate some skills in Writer.

Open and view the student-report-solution-quide.pdf file. This file also contains the final document but with instructions (in red boxes). Read the instructions on the red boxes to help you in styling the document.

Open the student-report-start.odt file. You will work on this file. This file contains all the text required. Your job is to insert other objects (images, tables) and to style and format the document.


Apply first the Text Body Style to all text. This will make the text more readable.

Apply all the basic paragraph styles (Title, Subtitle, Headings, Text Body).

Modify the styles. In the solution the Title uses background color and borders. Headings 1, 2 and 3 have font colors. The Text Body has first line indent and a font of type Ubuntu


Insert resize and position the front page image and another image anywhere inside the document. Use Wrap Off, center align and spacing for each image. Insert as well one graphic from the Gallery


Insert at least one table with a header row and some data inside. Style the header with an area color.


Make at least one bulleted or numbered list.


Insert at least one simple drawing. Style it with colors you choose.

Footnotes and Endnotes

Insert anywhere at least one footnote and one endnote. Use random text for the notes

Headers and Footers

First set the Document Title property of your document. In Header insert the Document Title field. Insert page numbering in the footer.

Format the headers and footers so they don't have same contents on first page. Delete now the First Page Header and Footer.

Table of Contents

Create an automated Table of Contents displaying the structure of the document.

Line Breaks

Line breaks are already inserted for you. You will need a line break when creating the Table of Contents

Ideally your document will not have empty lines. All white space will be defined by the spacing of paragraphs and images. We can you make it?

Save your file and Submit.