Create a business letter template

In this exercise you are going to create a formal company letter template.


Open the pdf file company-letter-template-solution.pdf to view the end result. Examine the structure of the letter, the company logo and address, the recipient address and the placeholder fields used.

Open the file company-letter-template-start.odt. You will work on this document.

Insert, resize and position the image company-letter-template-logo.png on the left column of the table. On the right column insert the text with the sender's company address.

Insert the placeholder fields. Remember use the Insert Filed more options and find the Text Placeholder field. Give each field the appropriate name.

Style and format the document. See the guide image for instructions how to style the document.

Save your document as a template in the My Templates location with the name company-letter-template

The template file is stored in the My Templates location which is a folder hidden from you. You must now save again your document as a normal odt so you can upload it for this exercise.

Save the document company-letter-start.odt and submit.