Create a Flow Chart

In this exercise you will create a process flowchart. This type of flowchart describes the steps taken in a business process (for example withdrawing cash from a bank account). Your goal is to design a flowchart like the one shown in the image below.


  1. Create a new drawing and name the file flowchart-exercise.odg.
  2. Make sure you have Grid Visible and Snap to Grid ebabled.
  3. Set the page to landscape orientation
  4. Start drawing the symbols using the Flowchart button in the Drawing toolbar.
  5. For every symbol type: draw the first one, format text and colors and use copy paste to create the remaining symbols.
    • For Start and Stop (red) use Terminator symbol
    • For the rectangles (blue) use Process symbol
    • For the rhombus (green) use Decision symbol
  6. Draw the connector lines
  7. Save your file and submit

Check out the video below with the exercise solution