Goal Seek exercise

In this exercise you will help a Car Dealer to find how many cars he must sold in order to reach his 1,000,000 € sales target.


  1. Open the file calc-goal-seek-exercise.ods. The spreadsheet calculates the total of sales for all car models.

  2. The Toyota Avalon is a new car and has not been sold so far. Use Goal Seek to find the answer to the question: How many cars of car model Toyota Avalon the car dealer must sell in order to reach the Sales Total of 1.000.000 €?

  3. Remember to use goal seek you must determine

    • The Formula Cell

    • The Target Value

    • The Variable cell

  4. The Goal Seek result will probably be a real number with decimals (for example 3,344). Round the number UP to the first integer and fill the number in Variable Cell.

  5. Type the answer or result and Submit.