Group assignment - Present yourself

In this assignment you will work together to create a presentation where each member of the class will present himself / herself. You can then keep the presentation as a follow-up reminder of the seminar.

All class members, after discussing with each other, will decide on the layout and style of the presentation, and what type of information the slide will have. Also set up working groups for the following:

  • design of the main slide
  • design of title slide
  • the final composition and editing of the presentation

Then you can start creating the presentation

  1. Make a title slide. You can also put a group photo in it.

  2. Each member will complete the slide with his / her own information

  3. Join all slides in a single presentation file. Use the Insert > File menu command to insert slides from a presentation file.

  4. Prepare the final presentation. For example, you can put transition, animation, sound, etc.