Creating a new project in Blynk

In this section we will learn how to control a remote device using the smartphone

At the beginning we usually plan and design our application, but we can modify or even change anything later. 

As a first application we will control an led that we will connect to our arduino IDE micro controller unit (MCU)

  1. Open the Blynk application of our smartphone
  2. Click on New Project
  3. Write the Project Name : NodeMCU LED
  4. Choose Device : ESP8266
  5. Choose Connection Type : WiFi
  6. Click : Create

At the moment an email was sent to your account with the authentication token of the project but you can find it and copy it or resend it inside the menu project settings





Inside the project

  1. Click on the plus sign 
  2. Select Button
  3. Click on the button
  4. Click on PIN 
  5. Select Digital and GP13
  6. Turn slider to switch
  7. Click on the back button