What is a comment?

You are already familiar with comments because you have used Facebook, Twiter, Instagram or other social media. When you post something, your friends can leave comments on that post. Commenting on posts also exists in WordPress. 

The Admin posted. The post is directly visible because the Admin user was currently logged in WordPress. 

When a visitor posts a comment this is not visible until the admin approves it.

Can I disable comments?

We can disable the comments on individual posts:

Pingbacks and trackbacks both provide unique ways to reference or let somebody know you are referencing them. However, once you get popular enough – you will start getting spam. This is why some authors choose to disable pingbacks and trackbacks in WordPress.

We can disable the comments for all posts:

Any post that we create, from the moment of comment's deactivation and forward, will have comments disabled. This option will not take effect retroactively. The posts
that have been created in the past will still have the comments enabled. So these deactivations is an important decision you have to make when you start a new WordPress site.

What is comment moderation?

in the comments screen, we are able to:

  • approve
  • unapprove
  • mark the comment as spam
  • send them to the trash

Every time we perform one of those actions
we are moderating the comment