Submodule 16.1: p5.js Introduction

  • Introduction to p5.js
  • Examples of p5.js projects
  • How p5.js works

Introduction to p5.js

p5.js is a JavaScript library that enables creative expressions through programming. 

With p5.js you can create sketches, animations, simulations or anything creative that comes to your mind. You can also manipulate audio, video, and images. More importantly, the library has pre-build functions which make all of the above far more easy than it would be if you created them from scratch.

This library is the "new version" of the Processing language. Processing is also a creative programming language. Its main difference with p5.js, is that processing is based on Java whereas p5.js is based on JavaScript.

Java-based applications are no longer supported by browsers and thus these applets are no longer accessible. This is why p5.js was invented, using all the features of processing and translate them into the current language of the browser - JavaScript.

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