Writer provides all the tools to print a document with various options and to preview a document before we send it to the printer.

Preview printing

It's always a good practice to preview a document before actually printing it. With preview we can spot errors and thus avoid wasting time and paper. To open the preview window press the  icon from the Standard toolbar.

When we enter the preview window the Preview toolbar appears. Using this toolbar we can control the viewing and navigate through the document.

Icons Commands

Control the view layout. The options are

  1. Single Page View
  2. Two page View
  3. Book View
  4. Multiple Page View

Navigate through the document. The options are to go to

  1. First page
  2. Previous page
  3. Jump to a specific page
  4. Next page
  5. Last page

Control  the zooming. The options are

  1. Zoom Out
  2. Set specific zoom level
  3. Zoom In

  1. Print the Document
  2. Full Screen Mode

Close (Exit) Preview window

After we have examined our document we can press the icon to print or the  icon to exit the preview window


When we finally decide to print the Printing windows appears which has several tabs. From this window we can set various printing options.

General tab


Choose the printer when there are multiple printers installed in our system

Range and Copies

The default is to print all pages, but we can specify to print specifi pages (1, 4, 11) or a part of  a document (i.e pages 5-15). We can also specify to print multiple copies.

Page Layout tab


We can set to print multiple pages per sheet of paper. In the image above 2 pages will be printed in each sheet of paper. Notice that in this case the orientation changes to landscape. The default is always 1.

Options Tab

Instead of printing a document, we can convert it to pdf or postscript format using Print to File option. The remaining options are settings for the print paper.

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