Inserting Media

LibreOffice Impress can insert media files, movies and sound of various types. It supports all the standard audio and video formats (mp3, wma, wmv, mp4, mpeg).

Inserting media

1) To insert an audio or video file from your computer use one of the following ways:

a) In an AutoLayout box click the Insert Audio/Video icon

b) In any slide use the Insert Audio/Video icon from the Standard toolbar

c) Or, select the Insert > Audio and Video menu command on the menu bar

2) When the file explorer window appears, select the media file to insert and click Open to place the object on the slide.

Audio files

In the case of an audio file an icon will appear inside the slide

Video files

In case of a video file the movie frame will appear inside the slide

You can resize or move the movie frame like any other object

Any media file will start playing as soon as the slide is shown during the presentation.

Media linking

By default Impress embeds media files inserted into a presentation file. This means that you can move the presentation to another computer and the media files will play.

You have also the option to link a media file when inserting (Insert as a Link option) to a presentation.

In this case the media file is not saved within the presentation file. If you want to play the presentation to another computer you must pack the presentation file together with the media files inside a folder. Furthermore any custom sound file you insert as a slide transition effect, can only be linked to the presentation and must also be packed with the presentation.

o asUnfortunately if you unsIn case of transition sound effects

Media clips from the Gallery

To insert media clips directly from the Gallery:

  1. Click the Gallery tab on the Sidebar
  2. Browse to a theme containing media files (for example Sounds).
  3. Click on the movie or sound to be inserted and drag it into the slide area.

Media playback

The Media Playback toolbar is automatically opened when a media file is selected. The default position of the toolbar is at the bottom of the screen. If the toolbar does not open, go to View > Toolbars > Media Playback on the main menu bar.

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