Aims - Expected outcomes- Key concepts - Instructions Introduction to WEB tools


The purpose of this module is to learn what is Terminal, Visual studio editor, node.js, Git, Github and FileZilla and how to use these. 

Expected outcomes

Upon completion of this module, you should know / should be able to:

Submodule 1.1: Popular tools

    • recognize the way in which terminal, node.js, Code editor tools are used

    • differentiate between  terminal, node.js, Code editor

    • discover the use of terminal, node.js, Code editor

Submodule 1.2: Version control. Git - Github 

    • recognize what is version control system

    • differentiate between  the functionality  of Git / Github tools

    • establish communication between local and remote repositories

Submodule 1.3: WEB Server 

    • recognize the functionality of A WEB Server and Filezilla

    • connect and upload files to a web server via FileZilla

    • construct the URL needed to serve from a WEB Server

Key concepts
    • Internet
    • WEB
    • Terminal
    • Node.js
    • Visual Studio Code
    • Git - Github
    • FileZilla

In order to complete this module, you have to:

  • Study the resources provided for the 3 submodules
  • Test your knowledge by answering the Practice set on this module’s content
  • Implement and submit the assignment on this module’s content
  • Reflect if the outcomes of this Module have been achieved
  • Give us feedback on this module’s content
  • Share your thoughts, comments and ideas  to the discussion forum

The estimated time to complete these activities is 3 hours.

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