Aims - Expected outcomes- Key concepts - Instructions JavaScript Functions and Objects


The purpose of this module is to enhance your knowledge of functions, to learn the JavaScript Objects, understand how to use them and apply what you have learned to manipulate data.  

Expected outcomes

Upon completion of this module, you should know / should be able to:

Submodule 12.1: JavaScript Functions

    • describe the terms defining, calling and executing for a JavaScript function
    • differentiate between the arguments and the parameters of a JavaScript function
    • explain the role of the "return" value of a JavaScript function

Submodule 12.2: JavaScript Objects

    • explain what JavaScript Object is 
    • differentiate between the properties and the methods of a JavaScript object
    • access and modify the properties of a JavaScript Object 
    • use the ".this" keyword in the appropriate context

Submodule 12.3:  Constructor functions

    • explain what a Constructor function is
    • use properties and methods inside a constructor function
    • use the "new" keyword to create objects via the Constructor function
Key concepts
  • JavaScript Object
  • JavaScript Constructor function
  • JavaScript properties and methods
  • JavaScript  ".this" , "new" keywords


In order to complete this module, you have to:

  • Study the resources provided for the 3 submodules
  • Test your knowledge by answering the Practice set on this module’s content
  • Implement and submit the assignment on this module’s content
  • Reflect if the outcomes of this Module have been achieved
  • Give us feedback on this module’s content

The estimated time to complete these activities is 3 hours

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