Aims - Expected outcomes- Key concepts - Instructions Forms


The purpose of this module is to learn about forms and the basics of form’s structuring, styling and validation.

Expected outcomes

Upon completion of this module, you should know / should be able to:

Submodule 8.1: The HTML of forms

    • describe the role of forms
    • create an HTML form
    • use the most common form elements
    • differentiate between the form attributes
    • create accessible forms
    • group elements into structures

Submodule 8.2: The CSS of forms

    • style the form elements using CSS
    • specify the “required” attribute

Submodule 8.3: Form validation

    • validate the form using HTML
    • enrich the form validation using JavaScript

Key concepts
  • Fοrms

In order to complete this module, you have to:

  • Study the resources provided for the 3 submodules
  • Test your knowledge by answering the Practice set on this module’s content
  • Implement and submit the assignment on this module’s content
  • Reflect if the outcomes of this Module have been achieved
  • Give us feedback on this module’s content

The estimated time to complete these activities is 3 hours.

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