Aims - Expected outcomes- Key concepts- Instructions p5.js I


The purpose of this module is to learn the functionality of the p5.js library,  the basics of sketching (primitive shapes) and coloring in p5.

Expected outcomes

Upon completion of this module, you should know / should be able to:

Submodule 16.1: p5.js Introduction

    • summarize the  functionality of the p5.js library
    • set up a web project to use the p5.js library
    • apply the p5.js  JS links into a web page 

Submodule 16.2: Basics of p5.js

    • create a working space for your project
    • differentiate between setup() and draw() functions
    • use the createCanvas() function
    • write code to sketch the primitive shapes 
    • write code to move shapes

Submodule 16.3: Colors

    • write code to add color to shapes
    • apply transparency
    • apply the push() and pop() functions of p5.js
Key concepts
  • p5- setup() 
  • p5 - draw()
  • p5- creaeCanvas()
  • p5- primitive shapes
  • p5- coloring

In order to complete this module, you have to:

  • Study the resources provided for the 3 submodules
  • Test your knowledge by answering the Practice set on this module’s content
  • Implement and submit the assignment on this module’s content
  • Reflect if the outcomes of this Module have been achieved
  • Give us feedback on this module’s content

The estimated time to complete these activities is 4-5 hours

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