Aims - Expected outcomes- Key concepts - Instructions JavaScript I


The purpose of this module is to learn the JavaScript basic concepts, understand how to use them and apply what you have learned in creating simple interactive JavaScript files.  

Expected outcomes

Upon completion of this module, you should know / should be able to:

Submodule 5.1: Introduction to JavaScript

    • express where JavaScript can be used
    • explain the popularity of JavaScript
    • differentiate between the functionality of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (JavaScript is a programming language)

Submodule 5.2: Simple JavaScript file

    • put JavaScript code in your HTML file
    • write simple JavaScript (alert interaction) script on the head of HTML file
    • use variables and a simple JavaScript (prompt interaction) script at the end of the body
    • write comments in the code
    • use of developer tools (console)

Submodule 5.3:  JavaScript data types 

    • differentiate different data types in JavaScript (number, string, Boolean)
    • change the value of a variable
    • use numbers, strings and their methods
Key concepts

JS - variable
JS - output
JS - data types
JS - comments


In order to complete this module, you have to:

  • Study the resources provided for the 3 submodules
  • Test your knowledge by answering the Practice set on this module’s content
  • Implement and submit the assignment on this module’s content
  • Reflect if the outcomes of this Module have been achieved
  • Give us feedback on this module’s content

The estimated time to complete these activities is 3 hours.

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