The purpose of this module is to enrich your blog site. You will modify pages, posts and Navigation bar and you will add a Google map and contact form elements.

Expected outcomes

Upon completion of this module, you should know / should be able to:

Submodule 16.1 Posts and Pages

    • differentiate between posts and pages
    • categorize posts and display these categories to Navigation bar
    • create a custom static home page
    • work efficiently with media tool
    • work efficiently with internal links
    • enrich our content with specific WordPress tools (featured images, more links, excerpt text)

Submodule 16.2: Comments and Widgets

    • appreciate the danger of spamming
    • disable comments in individual post or for all posts
    • add widget

Submodule 16.3: Google map and Contact form

    • add Google map
    • modify the WordPress Contact form Widget


Key concepts
    • WordPress Open Source project
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